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Work:Life:Wellness: Adding Movement to Your Workday – Working in the Wild with Hub:868 -Issue No. 16

The sedentary lifestyle of a desk worker is known to be bad for our health. While many of us, including our members, need to be in front of a computer for the majority of their work, we are providing opportunities and resources for whomever is in the space to use their breaks or long meetings to get the movement our bodies need. We have created a fitness corner that has small hand weights to use while stuck on a long video call, standing workstations, medicine balls, and community wellness challenges. We know how much midday exercise can boost productivity and we are committed to helping our members reach their movement goals as well.

We have teamed up with ,Upcycle Fitness here in Collingswood to offer work:life:wellness perks for our members. If you have a monthly membership at both Hub:868 & ,Upcycle Fitness you get a ,10% discount on both of them! We are also offering a package of ,5 Classes at Upcycle Fitness and 5 Workdays at Hub:868! If you want to start adding more movement to your day, here are some tips to help you on your way.

Set a Goal
Movement isn’t only for those seeking to lose weight. It’s important to make time for physical activity no matter what your goals are whether it be weight loss, cardiovascular health, strength, or overall wellness. Set a goal that you are ready to accomplish. No one should be losing 100 lbs. in 30 days or going from the couch to a 10k in the same amount of time so be sure to be realistic about what you can achieve. Lofty goals that can’t be met will lead to disappointment and possibly giving up. Don’t forget to think about why you are setting this goal. Write that down somewhere that you can see it every day (use the Accountability page in our Productivity Tool) as a reminder to continue working at that goal. Start small and set new goals along the way to keep your confidence up and continue on your path toward your “big” goal.

Get in the Right Headspace
May is Mental Health Awareness Month and a great time to learn: physical movement and mental health work together for both good and bad. If your mental health is not in order, it will be more difficult to start your movement plan. But also, moving your body is a great way to improve your mental health. If you are not in the mindset to work on your physical health, consider talking with a therapist to help you get there. If that isn’t an option, just start somewhere – a short walk every morning, an afternoon dance party, or some stretching will help you get in the mindset to care better for your body. An accountability partner can do wonders for folks that are resistant to adding movement or exercise to their day. If you need resources for mental health or want to learn more about Mental Health Awareness Month please check out the National Council for Mental Wellbeing website.

Make a Plan
Now that you have a goal that you are both capable and ready to achieve – a plan will help you along the way. Don’t let a busy schedule be the reason you can’t reach your movement goals. Be sure to schedule time for physical activity. Consider what type of exercises are needed to meet your goals. Only you and your doctor know what will work best for your body and goals, so you need to be the one to make your plan. Here are some ideas on how you can squeeze movement into your workday:

Head to the Gym
Will any of these mid-workday ideas serve you? If not, what exercises can you do outside of your workday to meet your goals? Have you considered creating an, end-of-work transition activity of working out? This can be advantageous for a few reasons: you transition your mind from work-mode to self-mode, you burn off the stress from work, and you start to see this time as reward after a hard day. Try transitioning from work straight to the gym and monitor how you are feeling about it, does it feel like a reward? Take advantage of our, receiprocal membership savings with Upcycle Fitness and transition from Hub:868 to Upcycle!

Remember, it’s important to listen to your body and not push yourself too hard. It’s okay to start small and gradually increase your activity level over time. Any movement is better than none so if you are just barely pedaling on a bike desk or sitting on a medicine ball instead of a desk chair, it’s something, and it counts!

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