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Working in the Wild With Hub:868 – Getting to Know Coworking at Hub:868 – Issue No. 3

Did you hear that Hub:868 has officially opened? As of February your Flexible + Functional + Local shared workspace at Hub:868 in Collingswood, NJ is open for meetings, events, private office space, and open community coworking. We’re new, so we expect that you will have some questions. Here are some frequently asked questions that we’ve been answering lately:

Q1:So…Just what is Coworking?

Coworking is when people of varied occupations work independently or in teams in a shared environment deliberately designed for a variety of workstyles and unique professional needs. Coworking is different from a traditional office in that people are not all working for the same company. Spaces like Hub:868 have similar amenities as a traditional office plus many more. Pre-pandemic, coworking spaces were the fastest growing type of office space in commercial real estate. The number of people using coworking spaces is expected to double this year as employers embrace a remote work structure for their employees. In fact, industry data suggests that the demand for coworking spaces will outpace what is available in 2022. The concept of coworking is a relatively new one but it has absolutely taken off quickly and emphatically; a testament to how well coworking works.

Q2: Why is now the right time to start coworking?

When the pandemic began in 2020, many of us were compelled to make an emergency transition to work from home. It was a nice reprieve from going into the office but we never envisioned this temporary move would become our permanent work environment for two years. We all love the added perks of working from home. For many it has improved our quality of life and health, however, it hasn’t always been the ideal place to focus and do our best work.

As we near endemic status in the US, workers are ready to head back to the office and other public spaces, yet many businesses have taken measures to keep employees fully remote or in a hybrid model. Maintaining a work/life balance while working from home has all the opposite drawbacks from working in an office. Your commute is gone, but now work seeps into all aspects of your life without the distinction of “going to work” and “coming home.” The distractions of working at home are real, and local cafes or libraries are not sustainable. What many don’t realize is that there are more than the two options when it comes to where we work. The introduction of coworking locally into the equation can provide a “best of both worlds” answer to what the future of ‘where we work’ will look like and how it can improve the quality of our work while supporting a healthy and more satisfying personal life. Coworking is the answer.

Q3: Who uses Shared Workspaces?

Really, anyone whose work is portable. Coworkers may be freelancers, creatives, entrepreneurs, or working remotely for a company, on their own projects or a team working on a shared project. The shared workspace at Hub:868 offers high speed internet and has open workspaces, meeting rooms, lounge areas, and private offices. nnSome of our current members include journalists, media professionals, illustrators, real estate agents, not-for-profit teams, small business owners, attorneys, writers, graphic designers, and folks whose jobs are remote. Although there are perks to becoming a member, membership is not a requirement to use the workspaces at Hub:868.

Q4: What are we doing to prevent the spread of Covid-19?

If you have concerns about Covid-19and you are still unsure if now is the right time to start coworking, rest assured we take the health of our members and visitors seriously and will adapt our response protocols promptly and accordingly.

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