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Coworking Works – Working in the Wild with Hub:868 – Issue No. 04

Working from home or at the office are okay, but not always the best workplace solution to produce your best work. Now, you’ve got a third option-a better place to work. We’ve got the 4 top reasons for you to try coworking before you are sent back to the office. Oh, there are plenty more, you will just need to discover how coworking works for you.


There is a motivational energy in coworking spaces that is not replicated anywhere else. You are in a dedicated work environment where everyone is focused on their own projects and that productivity is infectious. In a shared workspace like Hub:868, the chores are not nagging you, the kids and pets aren’t competing for your attention, and colleagues aren’t looming over your shoulder. Working from home long-term can be difficult. Humans need the creative energy of others to keep us engaged and productive.

As a result of the recent shift to remote work, many employers have realized the value in coworking, and how important it is for their employees to get out of the house for work. Many will even reimburse or offer stipends for coworking membership for their employees. Ask your employer about their remote worker benefits. You might be entitled to membership coverage!n

Culture & Community

Hub:868 is an inclusive, diverse, and accessible workspace. We believe in being a supportive and engaging environment for all your work needs. Collaboration occurs with other members who aren’t in competition for your next promotion. We always have staff on site to assist our members and create hospitality making everyone feel right at home but without the distractions.

Hub:868 provides a community of coworkers and a space to create human connection and collaboration. People of varied and unique skill sets are all working together in a space where collaboration is fluid, networking is a given, and relationship building can occur across sectors. Hub:868 also provides a sense of community with our happy hour affairs, educational workshops, and “lunch and learn” events.


Coworking can be as flexible as you need! We are all wondering how and if our former offices will be welcoming employees back. If your employer has closed the office for good and intends for employees to work from home indefinitely, we have you covered. Hub:868 can meet your needs for the short-term or as a long-term workspace solution. Memberships are all month to month and can be full-time, when you have unlimited access to the space each weekday or part-time, entitling you to 12 work days a month and all the member amenities. We also have day passes for occasional needs, and flexible meeting spaces for meeting with clients or giving a presentation (membership not required). It’s easy to give coworking a try with no commitment to see if it’s right for you!

Convenience & Amenities

Coworking at Hub:868 offers all the amenities of working in an office and more. All of the utilities and furnishings are covered including High speed internet. We have free local coffee always on tap plus other drinks and snacks. The flexible workspace includes a variety of workstations to meet your needs: open communal work stations, dedicated desks, conference space, AV equipment, meeting rooms, and a private phone booth for those more sensitive calls or virtual meetings. In addition to the open community workspaces, we have small (1-3 person) and large (1-10) private office spaces available. Perfect for you if you need a private dedicated workspace or if you would like your whole team working together. Hub:868 is located in Downtown Collingswood a few steps away from the many delightful restaurants, retail shops, and the high speed PATCO train into Philadelphia. Remote workers, freelancers, entrepenuers, and Small Businesses love the location and the lack of overhead when using Hub:868 as their workspace.

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