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We know that up-to-date information is key when it comes to instilling confidence in our members as they transition back to work. Here’s the breakdown of the safety measures that we have currently implemented at Hub:868: 

Face Mask Policy

As of March 7, 2022, masks are optional in the workspace for members, and guests. 

Staff and Member Health Measures

  • If a member is feeling unwell, has a fever, or symptoms of a contagious illness please do not come into the shared workspace.

  • All staff and members of Hub:868 are encouraged to have been vaccinated against Covid19. 

  • All Hub:868 staff are required to be fever-free before entering a space. If any staff are feeling sick, they are required to stay home.

Routine Cleaning Procedures

Hub:868 staff is performing routine cleaning procedures throughout the day throughout our spaces, with deeper cleanings happening at the end of each workday. We use top notch antibacterial products to ensure germs are being killed and surfaces are being well-cleaned.

Sanitation Stations

We have Sanitation Stations placed throughout our spaces. These stations include both hand sanitizer and sanitation wipes and are easily accessible throughout Hub:868.


Updated Visitors & Guests Policy

Visitors and guests are welcome! We just ask that they follow our usual guest policy, appropriate mask and distancing protocols while in the space, and stay home if they’re feeling sick.

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