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The Value of Keeping your Dollars Close to Home – Working in the Wild with Hub:868 – Issue No. 20

In an age of digital dominance and global marketplaces, the impact of supporting local businesses is crucial to maintaining the unique qualities within our community. The importance of supporting our local small businesses can not be overstated in a town like Collingswood. What we love about Collingswood is its charm, creative character, and convenience. People come here from all over to share what we get to experience daily because Collingswood is just that wonderful all throughout the year, and especially during the winter holidays.

  1. The holidays are a time of giving, and nothing spreads cheer quite like supporting local businesses. When you shop at neighborhood stores, you’re not just purchasing goods; you’re contributing to the local economy, helping to sustain businesses and livelihoods, and building a town with vibrant charm and flavor. Collingswood shops, restaurants, and entertainment venue’s, offer a treasure trove of unique and authentic products. It’s easy to find gifts with a personal touch that tell a story – something you’re unlikely to find while wandering the aisles of big-box retailers or requesting gift suggestions by digital bots. Shopping locally is also about being kind to the planet. Local businesses typically have a smaller environmental footprint, contributing to a greener and more sustainable holiday celebration. It’s a gift to both the community and the Earth. Finally, the holidays are a celebration of traditions, and Collingswood businesses reflect the cultural tapestry of our community. By choosing to spend your money locally, you’re not just purchasing products; you’re investing in the cultural spirit that makes our community uniquely festive.

  3. To support our local businesses and contribute to the continued growth of our community, consider taking the following actions during the holidays:
two women with shopping bags holding a chalkboard sign that reads: I ❤️ BUYING LOCAL

Shop at Independent Stores

Collingswood has an abundance of unique and locally-owned shops that offer a wide range of products. From artisan jewelry, one of a kind gifts, toys, books, to handmade soaps and candles, our independent stores have something for you and everyone on your list.

Dine at Local Restaurants

Collingswood’s culinary scene is a reflection of its cultural diversity, offering a wide variety of cuisines to suit every taste. By choosing to eat at local restaurants, you’ll be supporting our restaurant owners, chefs, and staff, and contributing to the growth of this vital industry.

plated food and wine glasses of water on a restaurant table
girl in winter outerwear reaching up to touch an ornament at a holiday fair

Attend Borough Events

Collingswood has a wide range of community events during the holiday season, from festive tree lighting ceremonies to local art fairs. By attending these events, you’ll not only be supporting event organizers and performers but also experiencing the lively spirit of our town firsthand.

Utilize Local Professional Services

Instead of looking for professional services online, consider utilizing the talents of Collingswood’s local experts. Whether you need a graphic designer for your marketing or an accountant for your taxes, you’re likely to find great talent right in our community.

man showing graphs on a laptop to a couple
hands holding a mobile phone with 'likes' and 'loves' symbols floating off the phone

Support Local Businesses Social Media

Social media is one of the best marketing channels for small business but our posts are often buried by viral entertainment. Help the businesses you love by liking, sharing, and commenting on their social media posts, it amplifies their presence and improves sales. You could also leave a 5-star review on Google or Yelp, they are gold to a small business!

Remember, our coworking space is also an integral part of this vibrant community. With its flexible workspaces and collaborative environment, it provides a hub for professionals, freelancers, and entrepreneurs to connect and thrive. By joining our coworking community, you not only gain access to a supportive network of local innovators but also contribute to the overall growth and vitality of Collingswood. However you choose to celebrate this time of year, let’s unite as a community and choose to support our local businesses and professionals. Together, we can preserve the unique charm of Collingswood, celebrate our collective talents, and continue to make our town a truly exceptional place for all.

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